Queens Car Service

Queens Car Service NYC

Every minute spent in this area can easily be called an adventure. A huge and the most multinational and insanely interesting area absorbed a culture and history from all corners of our planet. Imagine – 170 languages are spoken in this area.

If you want to appreciate the diversity of Queens cuisine, then go to Jackson Heights. Here on the streets you will find Indian, Thai, and Mexican restaurants. In the neighboring streets you can taste European dishes – French, Italian, Spanish restaurants are everywhere here.

You can endlessly walk through Queens streets, moving from ChinaTown to the Indian Quarter, then through the green Forest Hill to get to little Tokyo. Steinway factory is a must see. Here they manufacture musical instruments that the most outstanding pianists of all times play.

You can order a limousine from the airport to Queens or arrange an individual trip by calling (718) 757-7777.

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