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Limo tour nyc | Luxury Advantage Limo of NY

Advantage Limo offers private, group and themed tours in New York
If you would like a themed tour and have already planned your excursions just call us and we will bring your ideas to life.

If you are in New York for the first time then Advantage Limo tours around New York is what you need. The comfort and the highest level of service of our company will leave you with the most pleasant impressions after the tour. Discover the beauty of New York in our limo tour. New York tours are perfect not only for tourists, but also for events. Do you have a wedding, a birthday party or some other event? Order a limo tour around New York and please yourself and your loved ones.

Our advantages:

  • You save time and energy during the tour, and will have an opportunity to attend shops, restaurants and Broadway shows in New York.
  • During a walking tour a lot of things can go wrong that will not leave a good impression. Advantage Limo will help you to get to know New York comfortably.
  • You can book a tour any time any day
  • If you make a pre-order there is a 100% guarantee that your tour will take place.
  • The tour may start from wherever you want: at your hotel, theatre or restaurant and will finish wherever you want too.
  • We can pick you up at the airport and start the tour as soon as you arrive in the city.
  • When creating an exclusive tour your can choose the places you want to visit and how long you want to stay there.
  • If you want your tour to be longer then this is ok too.


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